Our Professional Sanitation team will have your business sparkling clean from top to bottom. Janitorial services are available to all bathroom, kitchens, dinning areas, lounge areas, meeting rooms, offices and public areas. Call on O.S. Steam Great today, to take on and take care of the mess. Give your business the clean feel it deserves.



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O.S. Steam Great Corp. is fully trained in the use of organic cleaning products for all types of upholstery and carpets. We have performed dozens of tests with our organic cleaning agents on every fabric we deal with before ever making it part of our service package to ensure that our clients get the very best in environmentally friendly products.

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Bacteria and other microorganisms can be a threat to the people in your work place if left untreated. Diseases and in most common cases sever allegoric reactions may occur as a result of being exposed to an unsanitary location. Let us take away all your stress and worry. Rely on our team to fully sanitize your work space, allowing you and your guest to feel right at home. We will assure you that your business will be well taken care of.


It is very important for you business to be running smoothly and the cleanliness of your work place says a lot about you.

Which is why, here at O.S. Steam Great we understand that, and provide a full professional team of sanitizing cleaners to your business. Our team of professionals provide a deep cleaning that allows you to keep the appeal and longevity of your business.